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January 2016

Dear Members,


On December 6th we enjoyed another wonderful gathering of members and guests at our annual celebration of the Holidays at the Monarch Hotel including keyboard music by the talented, Liz Kohl.  We can once again thank Kris Freiermuth for covering the details and making all the arrangements  at the Monarch.  Thanks also goes to Marietta Matto for the poinsettias and both of us for the wine paid for by your Chapter.

Multi-Tasking:  Do you believe in it?  I don’t and here’s why.  While writing this Presidents letter I noticed that the Chapter 190 news letter just hit my e-mail and had to take a look.  You can do the same at this link  Anyway it kept me from completing the task at hand which was this letter to our Chapter 31.  So back and forth I went as the minutes ticked by and my letter is still not completed in the time I had allotted.  So, here is what I gathered as I read and wrote.  Our chapter is so much the same and different than Chapter 190 and probably true of other chapters as well.  Here are some of the “samenesses” (not a real word).

1.       Our Chapter meetings are a place to meet, greet and enjoy the camaraderie of friends who have a common interest and forget, for at least a while, the otherwise zany world out there.

2.       They also are having a board or council meeting the first meeting of the year.

3.       Technical presentations and workshops rate high in both our chapters.

4.       Membership is declining so extra effort goes into attracting new members and existing members are recycling themselves to keep the bases covered and the chapter moving forward.

5.       As with our chapter they restored a tower clock but theirs had a high enough profile to attract an award from the State of California.

Finally, Chapter 190 newsletter suggests “we are all in the same boat”, everyone needs to take an oar  and keep rowing together.  Anyone can go along for the ride for a while but if you are able to, take up an oar and join in the fun of keeping your chapter smooth sailing.
Thanks goes again, to Kris Freiermuth for agreeing to take up the duties of Chapter Secretary in the coming months.  In the meantime we give special thanks to Shirley Barden for covering that position all these months.  Also, a big thanks goes to Rod Lloyd for not only handling the Chapter web-site but taking on the responsibility of leading the Clock Repair class.


Looking back over the past year: You who continue to contribute to the success of our Chapter should take great pride in your contribution of time and talent, large or small.  It all adds up to the continuous operation of our NAWCC Chapter 31.  Together, we provide ongoing programs and opportunity for camaraderie for all who are interested in Horology. To each of you who participated in any way in Chapter events—THANK YOU!!  We had interesting presenters at every meeting including two pre-meeting demonstration workshops that were well attended, we conducted a top-notch Regional, annual picnic and the previously mentioned Holiday Gathering.

Looking ahead:  We will start the year with a Council Meeting preceding the January 17th Chapter meeting at the Beaverton Library.  Our slate of candidates for upcoming elections is complete except for Chapter VP.  As Jeff Eastwood, current VP stated “it is not a difficult spot to fill”.  We will review and discuss the preferences you stated in the Chapter questionnaire and suggestions for the future as put forth by your council.  All chapter members are invited to attend and bring their suggestions for our chapter in 2016.

A rude awakening:  The godfathers were shut out of our breakfast location due to Denny’s being closed without notice.  Upon arrival Saturday, January 09, 2016 at 5am, we found the place locked and a closed sign with no indication of a reopening date.  As we left the previous week, employees said the usual, “see you next week”.  We can only guess what the closure means for many of them.  If you join us next For the forseeable future, GF Saturday breakfast, plan to meet at Bannings 24 hour Restaurant, 11477  SW Pacific Hwy. just West of I-5 on Hwy 99, Tigard, OR 503-244-2558.


Respectfully, George Matto, President

Chapter 31 Monthly Meetings

January 17:  1:00pm Council Meeting All members invited.
                       2:00pm Chapter Meeting --Show and Tell, YOUR MOST INTERESTING HOROLOGICAL ITEM--This could be a watch, clock, tool, or time related item of your choice to share  with the members.

February 21—2:00pm Beaverton Library, Topic TBD.

March 20th  (In the planning stage)  Field Trip to “Remembering Time” Steve and Susan Ford’s Spring making and Clock Repair business.

April:17th  Eastside location and topic -- Chris Loders to advise.


May:  Pacific NW Regional—Tacoma, WA, Hotel Morano, same as 2014

June, July TBD, August Picnic, September 1st planning meeting for the 2017 Regional


Dues are due for 2016.  The dues are stilldues

only $15.00

        Mail to Betty Chisum 465 SW Eastman Ct. Gresham OR 97080
        or bring it to the next meeting.

Use your Credit/Debt card or Pay Pal Account by pressing the button below.
. . .

Secretaries Report: No Report  but informally--A good time was had by all who attended the annual Holiday Gathering at the Monarch Hotel and several members took home some excellent Horological publications.



The next clock repair class has just started at

erst linn

Stafford Primary School, West Linn,
19875 Southwest Stafford Road, West Linn, OR 97068
Starting January 12, 2016  [10 weeks]
Tuesdays 7pm to 9.30pm
Reservations through West Linn Parks and Rec  Fee $60/$65
Easy practice clock movements available to work on to help get you started.

. .