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 January 2014

 Dear Members and friends of chapter 31, Happy New Year to each of you.  May 2014 provide you with success in your endeavors, continued health and happiness. 

Bring happiness to yourself and fellow members by attending the Monthly meetings of Chapter 31 and bring a friend.  The meetings are informative and instructional in the area of Horology in a wide variety of topics.

This is the year for changing of Chapter Officers and nominations will be solicited next month.  At the moment only one name is identified for each position so this is your opportunity to nominate yourself or someone else.  More to follow.

As I contemplate completing my term as your  president it is apparent that  the Chapter was well served but did nothing exceptional.    We had excellent topics and speakers at our meetings, the monthly  turnout  was better than average, we added some new members and are missing some good friends. Several of  you stepped up when needed to fill a need as speaker, helped with the Regional or found entertainment for the Christmas party and I thank you.  I especially thank Betty C. and Kris F.  for their many years of  service to the Chapter. There is still much to be done in addition to monthly meetings and a Regional every other year.  As stated before, Chapter 31 has a long and successful history worthy of perpetuating,   Here is what I am committing myself to do as past President::

  • Increase the membership
  • Chair the 2015 PNW Regional
  • Provide at least 1 presentation for a chapter meeting
  • Organize at least 1 workshop
  • Support the incoming President in anyway needed
Now it's your turn.  Can I count on your continued support in these efforts? Can you suggest a topic and or speaker for a monthly meeting; do you have a workshop suggestion; will you Red Cap at the Regional; are you willing to support activities that draw the attention of the public to Chapter 31?  Bringing in new members is a win-win situation.  New members infuse the chapter with new ideas,and talents and the new person broadens their knowledge and skill in horology.
See you at the chapter meetings and all the other fun stuff the Chapter supports.

George Matto

Council Meeting-
Preceding the January Chapter Meeting-
1:00PM Beaverton Library, All members are invited to attend.

January 19, 2014
Mart is at 2.00pm 
Meeting at 2:30pm
Beaverton Library 12375 SW 5th St, Beaverton, OR

January -  Bob Holmstrom  will be speaking on "The Best Pendulum Clock" ever made in quantity. Who made it, when and where?   We saw a preview of this topic at last summers picnic.  The clock is known as the Fedchenko Clock.  Bob will also give a preview of a future meeting topic: "The Clock of the Long Now" .  While at a time Symposium in Pasadena he met with the creators of  the Long Now Clock. This is a fascinating story that should be of interest to those who have achieved a multi-generational  view of time and life.  The originators would encourage mankind to think in terms of a time span longer than from our grand children back to say our great grandparents hence a 10,000 year clock.

February --  Stephen Nelson has agreed to present to the chapter a very popular topic from our past Regional "10 Minute University" program. The topic was using modern lubricating oils (motor oil)  in mechanical clocks. 
Elections are upcoming--so be thinking of nominating yourself or someone else.
Send your nominations to Terry White

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