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Dick Vigal (2016) 

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March 2013
Presidents Message
The month of March will find us meeting at the Monarch Hotel for the dual purpose of a council meeting as well as our regular monthly meeting.  All are invited to attend the council meeting.  We will enjoy a lunch, Mart and preview of the plans for our upcoming Regional. Lets have a lively Mart Table.  Times are a little different for this months meeting so check the meeting notice section.

PUBLIC OUTREACH:  In addition to our exposure at the museum in Oregon City and the OMSI, a Chapter 31 member, Al Pohlpeter is preforming maintenance on the Beaverton Bakery Street Clock.  The mechanism is a Mayer movement.  See the picture in this issue of the TimeOut as well as others documenting our activities.  Al Pohlpeter reminded us this morning (Dennys godfathers breakfast) that he was doing the "Spring Forward" adjustment on the NW Portland RR station tower clock.

NAWCC Membership Reduced Rate:  That’s right take a $35.00 deduction off your renewal of annual dues by recruiting just one new member each year.  Not everyone is interested in joining but it only takes one.

REGIONAL PLANNING:  We will have more positions available for the opportunity to “Red Cap” this year than in the past.  Mark DeAtley will be taking names at the next chapter meetings on a first-come basis or you can call Mark at 503-341-3350.  Please see Regional, below for more details on this years event.

NEW MEMBERS:  We can all invite potential new members to join one of our monthly meetings.  As a result of placing our flyers in various businesses, there have been several people interested enough to ask what we are all about.  The Regional should be an opportunity for others to discover what we all have found to be a life long passion and opportunity for developing an interesting hobby or more and real friendships.  Take advantage of every conversation that could result in extending the invitation to come to one of our meetings.

SUMMER PICNIC:  Summer is scheduled from May to September this year and Chapter 31 will meet at a location yet to be determined.  Your suggested location may be the one we pick so be thinking of a location for this years event.

Coming Meetings
March 17 Monarch Hotel-
12:00 pm Council Meeting
1:30 pm Lunch
2:00 pm Mart
2:45 pm Chapter Meeting
--hear about the details of our upcoming Regional including the Live Auction.  As a Chapter 31 member, you will want to have first hand knowledge of the Mart, Public Day and most important, the open to the Public Live Auction.  Armed with this information, we can all help make this Regional most successful.  We are adding visuals this year that will give our Regional the look of a First Class Event-come and see what we have planned.

March 2013 Luncheon Meeting Flyer-it's not too late!!  Mail the luncheon flyer today.  Or plan to come to just the meeting.

April 21 Beaverton Library- 
2:00 pm Mart
2:30 pm Chapter Meeting
"Dave Busby and Mike King will give a presentation on navigating the NAWCC Website and the Chapter 31 web site respectively.  If you have found a website that you feel would be helpful to other members relating to any aspect of time bring the web address on a card and we will view as many sites as there is interest or time to do.  Share what you have discovered on the World Wide Web."

Pacific Northwest Regional
May 16 - 19 2013 [no meeting]

****Pacific NW Regional & Auction, May 2013****
        Registration Form: Click Here or click on "Forms" above
        Auction Rules: Click Here

June Meeting 23rd-fourth Sunday this month.  
2:00 pm Mart
2:30 pm Chapter Meeting
George Matto will present a program on the topic of Cloisonne assisted by George Poole. There will be several items including  a clock  adorned with this ancient form of art work.  Anyone with a Cloisonne item should bring it to this meeting for a show and tell session. 

Other Items of Interest

True StoryPinewood

My son Jon age 12 came home from Boy Scouts one week with a block of wood and some parts to create a race car for the upcoming pinewood derby.  This was intended to be a father son project.  I was not familiar with this project but did a little research.

The next weekend we sat down to work out our strategy.  I told my son the secret to making a winner was the shape of the car; streamline with 2/3rds of the weight at the back, making sure it had the maximum weight allowed.  The plan was he would make the car shape in the wood and I would help with the wheels. 

An hour later he came back with a design and explained how he arrived at it.  He clearly had taken to heart the 2/3rd rule and streamline, so we traced the shape onto the car and I cut out the rough shape on the band saw.  From there he whittled away and sanded the final shape.

While he was busy doing that, I disappeared in to my clock shop and polished up and burnished the axles that held the wheels.  I also did my best to burnish the holes in the plastic wheels.

When the car shape was finished, I fitted the axial onto the car and fitted the wheels.  My son painted the finished car and we added some lead to bring the weight to the maximum limit.

On the day of the races, the car was inspected by the judge and approved for racing.  I added a tiny amount of my best clock oil to each wheel.  We won every heat and became champion in the final. 

We did the same thing again the next year, winning again.  My son was so proud of the shape he had created.  20 years later we hold both cars while he served his time in the navy.

I think he suspects that I had a something to do with its success based on my clock talents. 

Rod Lloyd

February 16, 2013
Museum project continues with Mike King, Bob Schug and Rod Lloyd

We continued to work on the semi octagon case clock.  The lower door was missing its latch knob, making it impossible to access the pendulum without tools.  Based on the stem that remains, it is most likely the knob was wooden and not available in the parts supply.  I decided to create a best guess replacement on the lathe.  I selected a piece of mahogany with similar grain to the door and a shape was created that is complementary to the existing case.  It was made to be a tight press fit so it could be removed if a more suited knob is found in the future.

The movement had been dismantled, cleaned and the pivots polished the previous week, now we had the job of reassembling the movement, being a different crew that did the dismantling.  The time train was first installed and checked for wear followed by the strike train.  Five pivots were marked for bushing and Mike used his busing machine.  A final broaching by Rod and the movement was re-assembled, oiled and re installed in the movement by Bob.  It came to life and after putting in beat had a healthy impulse.  We will finish this clock when we next meet in March.

Coming dates
March 23, 2013 11am to 3pm
March 30, 2013 11am to 3pm


Caption:  Al Bill and Al "attack“ Beaverton Bakery Street Clock.
Beaverton Bakery Street Clock.

Secretary's Notebook

Chapter Meeting Minutes – 17 February 2013

The February meeting of Chapter 31 was called to order by -President George Matto at 2:35 PM at the Beaverton Library in Beaverton, Oregon.  38 members and 1 guest—were in attendance.  Mr.  Bill Bedusky from Cleveland Ohio is a National member who is visiting his brother in Newberg, Oregon.  Former member Roger Misterek rejoined – glad to have him back!

President George Matto opened the meeting by thanking members & guests for coming.  He announced the Regional Planning Committee had met preceding the Chapter meeting.  Progress is being made on the Auction as well as the advertising to the public about the May event.  George M. requested, other local Chapters are polling their members intentions to come to Portland as well as their participating in the Live Auction.  This will be very helpful in our planning and determining how many local clocks to accept.

Signs were available to take & place in business,’ which might cater to those interested in the Live Auction & Public Saturday or any high foot traffic area where our signs might be seen.

George M. had contacted four (4) other Chapters concerning the Regional as well as asking for possible clocks/watches for the Live Auction.  He is also e-mailing all west coast chapters with the same question.

A question was asked if the Public would be admitted to the Live Auction & if there was a fee for auction items.  Yes, the Public is welcome.  Yes, there is a fee of $10.00 to place items in the auction.

Chapter Medallion Competition regarding the Chapter Medallion continues.  The words “Watch & Clock” need to be incorporated into the sign to better identify our group.  A one (1) year free membership in Chapter 31 is the prize for the winner.

Name Tags – You need to contact Terry White if you wish a name tag they are $10.00 each.   

Membership Report:  No report was available  

Approval of Minutes – Minutes of the Council & Chapter were tabled.

Treasurer’s Report – Betty Chisum Chapter Acct.      $    809.81.

                                                           Raffle                  $    455.69

                                                           Regional Acct.    $12,043.64

                                                           Chapter Savng    $11,636.92

Amounts stated above are from the January meetingBetty was unavailable, but indicated no checks or deposits had been made since the last meeting.

Sushine Report – Kris Freiermuth  reported Betty had sent a get-well card to Bill Butcher who had been incapacitated by a flu bug.  He was attending the meeting & indicated his illness was grossly misstated.

Old Business:  

New Business:  

Program:  Bob Arnold made a presentation on “Renewing the Finish on Antique Clock Cases.”  He also addressed the issue on “just how much should you restore a clock & still preserve its’ value.”

Raffle Stoddart Smith had several nice books to be raffled off.  He mentioned any books in your home library not being used could be readily recycled by the Chapter. 

Meeting was adjourned 3:40 PM

NEXT MEETING:  Sunday 17th of March  at The Monarch Hotel.  It will be a luncheon meeting see flyer for menu. Remember there will be tables for a Mart.  We will tour the Mart area prior to the Noon Council Meeting. 

April meeting will be held on the 21st of April at the Beaverton Library in Beaverton, Oregon. Program will be presented by David Busby & Mike King on how to navigate the National’s web-sites.  Rod Lloyd will cover navigating the Chapter’s web-site & Newsletter.

*Remember to check your Chapter web-site at:

Respectively submitted,

Kristen Freiermuth, Secretary 

Portland Chapter 31, NAWCC


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