NAWCC Chapter 31 June Meeting.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Beaverton City Library, Meeting Room B

12375 SW 5th Street (Intersection of Hall Blvd and 5th Street)

2pm-4pm. 2-2:30 is Mart, then presentation, then wrap-up of Mart.

Always with the possibility of a post-meeting pizza get-together for topics (or stomachs) demanding such.

Hello from your new President!

     Please bear with me, some will ask whether this is a meeting announcement, or should it be a post in the Timeout? The answer is "Yes". If I can get this out to all by only pushing the SEND button, I am going to take the path of least resistance. I'll work on the Timeout later, as I find some of the advantages of technology to be a time-pit vortex...but, on with the show!

     June's meeting will feature a presentation by Past President Jeff Eastwood on his learning experiences building a skeleton clock. Learn the tips, and gain from his knowledge of things that can make your skeleton clock project faster/easier.

     Stay tuned for the July presentation, which I will miss. My July absence will be due to my plans to attend the NAWCC 75th Anniversary Hootenanny and National in Pennsylvania. (This message can be taken as an attempt to find someone willing to share lodging and rent-a-car costs with someone that isn't a snorer. Call me for info, (503) 777-8020.)

     August will be our potluck picnic, I have a feeler out on the location, with luck it will work out. If not, there is a Plan B, and there is also a Plan C. All good choices, and why not, there will be food involved!

CHAPTER OFFICERS, COMMITTEE CHAIRS, AND MEMBERS : At the latest I want to have a council meeting at the August potluck. (Why not at this June meeting? Technicality: need minimum 48 hours notice, Arrgghh!)

For those of you that missed the April meeting, the results of the election were as follows:

President: Robert Gordon

Vice President: (Still Open...)

Secretary: Kris Freiermuth

Treasurer: David Noall

Director (Expiring 2020): Bill Butcher

Director (Expiring 2020): Conrad Bell

Director (Expiring 2022): Steve McGowan

Director (Expiring 2022): Al Waibel

Hope all are enjoying this timekeeping hobby, I know my library is slowly increasing book by book.

Robert Gordon

NAWCC Chapter 31 President

(503) 777-8020, because I check voice mail a lot more often (daily, if I'm home... no cell phone) vs. what can be 2 or 3 days + for e-mails. So, if you are not in a rush,


Chapter 31 meets monthly (usually) on the third Sunday of the month (unless otherwise indicated). at 4755 SW Griffith Drive, Beaverton, room 150 on the first floor.
Mart is at 2.00pm - Bring your items to sell or your wallet to buy (or both!)
Meeting at 2:30pm.  
Visitors are welcome to all meetings.       If you have Time please join us.

There is no May meeting in Portland, but several members will be travelling up to Tacoma for the Pacific Northwest NAWCC Regional. Their web site is and contains the program schedule and registration form. In summary:

Thurs-Sat. May 17-19 at the Hotel Murano, 1320 Broadway Plaza, Tacoma, WA.  Looks like a very interesting program, with our own Bob Holstrom presenting on his foliot clock research, and Steve Nelson on Satori and his Pendulums, and the always fascinating and entertaining Tom Van Baak gives the keynote address on Thursday night on "The Atomic Clock"

Should be a fine Regional. If you are put off by the long drive up to Seattle, consider taking Amtrak; the Tacoma Dome station is just a mile from the Murano. I think I'll be doing that. There are several trains a day to and from Portland.

See you there!
Jeff Eastwood"


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